Where is the VIN located in my Porsche?

Porsche VIN location 

There are certain ways to identify a vehicle and one way is by its VIN. If you are unsure where to find it, we have all the details you need. Keep reading to learn more. 

What is a VIN? 

First of all, what is a VIN? A VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number. They are usually 17 characters long. Vehicles before 1981 may have a different amount. This number holds a lot of information about the vehicle like where it was built, the model year, the manufacturer and which plant assembled the vehicle. 

Why do I need to know it? 

The VIN helps decode some of the unique features of a vehicle and its specifications. You can quickly find out if there has been a recall on your vehicle model or any other important information. Your auto insurance, warranty claims and registrations will all require you to supply your vehicle’s VIN.  

Where can I find it in my vehicle? 

There are a couple of places the VIN may be. The most popular spot is on the front of the dashboard on the driver’s side. You can often see it if you stand outside of the vehicle and look through the windshield. If you are not finding it there, then you should check the driver’s side door pillar. 

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