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Find Porsche Genuine Parts for Sale Near Santa Clarita, CA

Where can I order genuine parts for my Porsche in Santa Clarita, CA? 

Are you searching for parts for your Porsche vehicle? If so, you can order genuine parts for your Porsche in Santa Clarita, CA, at Porsche Santa Clarita. At our dealership, we’ll get you the genuine Porsche parts so that your vehicle can continue to provide reliable, safe, sports car performance.  

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A person driving the 2017 Porsche Boxster

Is a Pre-Owned Porsche Worth Buying?

What are the Perks of Buying a Pre-Owned Porsche?  

If you are looking to drive a luxury car and call it your own, chances are that you have plans to purchase a new one. That makes sense, given that a brand-new luxury car comes with some of the coolest features and lets you enjoy an unparalleled driving experience. But what if we told you used luxury cars have the same appeal and that too, at a much lower price? Porsche has been at the forefront of rolling out terrific and luxurious models every year. Therefore, getting your hands on a Porsche can be amazing. But let us tell you all about the perks of buying a pre-owned Porsche so that you can visit Porsche Santa Clarita in Santa Clarita, CA, and get yours today!  

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2022 Porsche Cayenne White driving on the road

Unlock the 2022 Porsche Cayenne 0-60 MPH and Quarter-Mile Times

How Fast is the 2022 Porsche Cayenne? 

There is no other SUV that can better handle the off-roading lifestyle than the 2022 Porsche Cayenne. It comes with an active air suspension, which has a fully variable ride height and offers two stages of firmness for either rugged or luxurious experiences. This car is sure to give you the performance you need and the luxury you deserve. The design of the car is sleek, and it has plenty of great features to make driving more enjoyable. Want to learn how fast the 2022 Porsche Cayenne is? This blog post by Galpin Porsche Santa Clarita in Santa Clarita, CA breaks down the 2022 Porsche Cayenne 0-60 MPH and quarter-mile times. 

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All-new Porsche 911 Sport Classic Front and Side View

Video: The Porsche 911 Sport Classic is coming soon!

Watch the video illustrating the all-new Porsche 911 Sport Classic 

Great news for the motorheads out there! Porsche will take you back to the ‘60s and early ‘70s with the introduction of the all-new Porsche 911 Sport Classic . With striking looks and performance, the new 911 Sport Classic pays homage to its legendary predecessors, the original 911 and the 911 Carrera RS 2.7. This car will be an absolute treat for any Porsche fan with a 542 hp, rear-wheel drive, and manual transmission specification. With extraordinary attention to detail, the all-new Porsche 911 Sport Classic will be a head-turner on the streets any day of the week. Watch the video below illustrating the all-new Porsche 911 Sport Classic presented to you by our team at the Galpin Porsche dealership in Santa Clarita, CA. 

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A person posing with car keys

Why Are More People Buying Used Vehicles?

What Are the Perks of Buying Used Vehicles? 

Shopping for a car is always an exciting endeavor, especially if you buy one for the first time. But there are a few things that must be taken care of when purchasing a brand-new car. For one, you need to understand your budget and take the price of the vehicle into consideration. Plus, if you are a first-time buyer, maintaining the vehicles could also seem like an arduous process. The used car market comes as a blessing at this point. They are affordable and elegant, and maintaining them isn’t that tedious. These are just a few perks of buying used vehicles. What are some of the other advantages? Galpin Porsche Santa Clarita in Santa Clarita, CA, sheds light on the same for you to stay informed. Read to know more and check our inventory to find a used vehicle of your choice.  

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Why Is Interior Car Detailing Important for Your Vehicle?

3 Steps of Interior Car Detailing You Should Know About

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear “auto detailing”? So, if you’re still pondering or have any reservations about the term “detailing” when you hear the word “vehicle,” we’re here to set your mind at ease. Let’s take a closer look at what car detailing entails. Keep reading this blog by Galpin Porsche Santa Clarita, CA, to learn more about Interior Car Detailing.

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Sideview of two white 2022 Porsche Cayenne on a road. Where is the Cayenne Turbo GT available in Santa Clarita, CA?

How Spacious is the 2022 Porsche Cayenne?

Does the 2022 Porsche Cayenne have enough space for your family?  

When you think about family vehicles, Porsche may not be the first name that comes to your mind. The German automaker is famous for making some of the fastest sports cars and the 911 supercar. However, as most of you would already know, Porsche also makes SUVs, and the Porsche Cayenne is its biggest offering. The midsize SUV is undoubtedly one of the fastest and sportiest SUVs you can buy right now, but is it comfortable and spacious enough for your family? Keep reading this blog from Porsche Santa Clarita in Santa Clarita, CA, to find out.  

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Porsche's Infotainment System

Video: Learn How to use Porsche Gesture Control

Guide to Open the Front and Rear Trunks Using Porsche Gesture Control 

Sometimes the best way to get around your city is by car. Your car can help you get where you need to go safely and quickly. If you have a Porsche, it is ready for your commands with Gesture Control. With this feature, the driver can use a variety of gestures to navigate through menus and change settings. The car’s navigation, phone, media player, and infotainment system are controlled by these gestures. The driver can also control the climate and lights in their car with these gestures. Learn how to use Porsche Gesture Control to open your front and rear trunks in this Galpin Porshe Santa Clarita blog post!    

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A slice of cheesy pizza

Top 3 Pizza Places in Santa Clarita, CA 

What Are the Best Places for Pizza in Santa Clarita, CA? 

This isn’t any news, but food has the quality of bringing people together. From office lunches to friendly gatherings, you can always find things to talk about and bond over when you have your favorite dishes laid in front of you. And speaking of food and friendly gatherings, the first name that comes to mind is that of pizza. That said, this blog by Galpin Porsche Santa Clarita talks about the best places for pizza in Santa Clarita, CA. Continue reading if you have a fun event coming up and would like to enjoy some hot and crispy pizza with your loved ones.  

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