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Where can I go hiking near Santa Clarita?

Hiking near Santa Clarita, CA 

Now is as good as ever to go take a hike. We have found four trails near Santa Clarita to hike along. Keep reading to find a hiking trail near you! 

Walker Loop Trail 

Located in the Angeles National Forest, the Walker Loop Trail is about 3 miles in total with a mixture of gentle to steep terrain. If you are looking for a peaceful yet good exercise, this is the trail loop for you. While you are there, you might see some wildlife. Dogs are allowed on leashes. 

Hasley Canyon Trail 

Walk your dog along this 1.67-mile trail in the Santa Clarita Valley. Hikers have access to this trail through the industrial and business park area. The trail is relatively flat, which is perfect for beginners of all ages. 

Elsmere Canyon Trailhead 

This trail is located on the 1,200-acre Elsmere Canyon. This space once held the title of being the world’s largest landfill. This canyon is now a protected space for wildlife between the boundary of the City of Los Angeles and the City of Santa Clarita. 

Boulder Canyon Trail 

This moderate trail is a 10.5-mile loop. Here you will have good views of surrounding mountains and valleys with the chance of seeing wildlife.  

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