Top 3 Pizza Places in Santa Clarita, CA 

What Are the Best Places for Pizza in Santa Clarita, CA? 

This isn’t any news, but food has the quality of bringing people together. From office lunches to friendly gatherings, you can always find things to talk about and bond over when you have your favorite dishes laid in front of you. And speaking of food and friendly gatherings, the first name that comes to mind is that of pizza. That said, this blog by Galpin Porsche Santa Clarita talks about the best places for pizza in Santa Clarita, CA. Continue reading if you have a fun event coming up and would like to enjoy some hot and crispy pizza with your loved ones.  

A slice of pizza being picked up

Pizza Guys  

Your one-stop destination for high-quality, gourmet pizza, Pizza Guys has an eclectic menu crafted carefully with the perfect blend of herbs and spices. The folks over here make their dough every day, which makes their pizza fresh and juicy. Thus, if you have a penchant for hand-made, Tuscany-style pizza, Pizza Guys might just be your best bet.  

Di Marco’s Pizza  

Made from real cheese and authentic ingredients, Di Marco’s pizzas have an unmistakable taste. Once there, it is imperative that you try their signature and incredibly delicious Pepperoni Pizza. And if you want a change of taste, their Bacon Avocado Sandwich might be a great option.  

Toppers Pizza Place  

Topper’s Pizza Place is one of the best places to head for great vegetarian pizza. In fact, they take their toppings a tad too seriously and curate the ingredients used in them with utmost care. The place is also super dog-friendly, and pet parents can enjoy great pizza along with some time with their furry friends.   

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Take your pick from these pizza places and have a great weekend with the wholesome goodness of cheese, herbs, and exotic spices. Also, remember to check our special offers and financing options to make your purchases with us a happy one!