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Efficient Ways to Beat Car Sickness

Top Three Tips to Beat Car Sickness  

There is good news if you become nauseated when traveling by car, train, plane, or boat: Not only may you make efforts to prevent motion sickness before it starts, but you might also even be able to defeat it permanently. It is unclear why some people develop motion sickness while others don’t. According to researchers, it is brought on by anomalies in our body’s sensory systems. For instance, on a slow-moving cruise ship, your eyes may tell your brain that you aren’t moving, but your vestibular and somatosensory systems, which govern your balance and posture, say, “Yes, we are!” The brain is confused by this mismatch, which results in several symptoms. In this blog by team Porsche Santa Clarita in Santa Clarita, CA, you can learn tips to beat motion sickness. Continue reading for more information.    

Essential Tips to Deal with Motion Sickness   

  1. Take charge of the situation.  

When driving, being in the passenger seat can make you more susceptible to motion sickness. The driver is less susceptible to motion sickness than a passenger. Getting behind the wheel will help you avoid motion sickness.  

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  1. Talk to yourself.  

Motion sickness is something you can truly talk yourself out of. You can set your own expectations before a trip by telling yourself, “I’m not going to get car sick this time,” or by employing other positive self-talk.  

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  1. Use ginger as a preventative measure.  

According to research, ginger can effectively ward against motion sickness. It certainly can’t hurt, though. For optimal outcomes, consume one to two grams of ginger 30 minutes before departure.  

We hope these tips help you deal with motion sickness next time you travel. Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy a vehicle in Santa Clarita, CA, stop by our dealership and check out our inventory. Feel free to contact Porsche Santa Clarita in Santa Clarita, CA, for further assistance.   

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