2020 Porsche Cayenne

The Cayenne has Hit the One Million Mark—Here is Its Journey

The History of the Porsche Cayenne

As the total number of Porsche Cayenne vehicles created hits the one million mark, we thought it would be interesting to see how this luxury SUV came into existence. From saving the Porsche industry to becoming a luxury vehicle with sporty elements, the Cayenne has had an incredible ride.

How was the Porsche Cayenne Created?

2020 Porsche Cayenne

Starting in 1986 the Porsche industry was in crisis. With the number of vehicles sold each year dwindling, manufacturers needed to think of a vehicle that would represent the future of cars. The creation of the Boxster and 911 vehicles helped the Porsche brand in the 1990s to increase sales, but Porsche knew it needed to think outside the box to be prepared for the next century of vehicles. Soon, the “Colorado” project was created. The goal was to work with Volkswagen, so both brands could create off-road vehicles.

Porsche wanted to create a SUV that also exhibited luxury and sporty features. By 1998 the Cayenne was announced to the public, but it did not have its final name yet. In 2002, the Cayenne made its debut at the Paris Motor Show. Little did the production team know that this was just the beginning in what would be a three-generation vehicle that would continue to thrive two decades later.

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How has the Porsche Cayenne Changed Over the Years?

The first Porsche Cayenne created only had the Turbo and S models available. Soon, the Turbo S and GTS models were created to add to the first generation. This was followed by the Diesel model. It should be noted that more than 275,000 of these models were created altogether. The second generation of the Cayenne—which launched in 2010—included the S Hybrid and then the S E-Hybrid. By 2014 Porsche had the first plug-in hybrid Cayenne, which was in the premium SUV segment. By 2017, the third generation of the Porsche Cayenne was introduced to the world. This included many updates to the already beloved Cayenne models. Porsche focused on advancing and perfecting features, such as the driving dynamics, usability, and becoming more fuel efficient.

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What is Next for Porsche?

If we know anything about the Porsche brand it is that they will continue to perfect and create the top luxury models of this day and age. With technology constantly advancing, this only gives car manufacturers more to work with to not only bring luxury and comfort to its customers, but to also give them safety and a peace of mind when they are on the road.