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How to Increase the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

Tips to Make Your Car More Fuel-Efficient

There is no denying the fact that fuel prices are rising every year. It is undoubtedly bad news for all the car owners out there. The worst part is that it is not in your control. However, following a few tips can make your car more fuel-efficient. Continue reading this blog by the Galpin Porsche Santa Clarita dealership in Santa Clarita, CA, to learn how to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

What Are Various Ways to Increase the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car?

  • Take your car for regular vehicle servicing. A well-maintained car is more fuel-efficient. A basic car routine service includes oil changes, tire rotation, monitoring of tire pressure level, coolant flush, etc.
  • Do not overburden your car with excess weight. It puts additional strain on the engine resulting in high consumption of fuel. One way to remove additional weight is to eliminate anything from the vehicle you are not using.
  • Refrain from over-inflating or under-inflating your tires. It can dramatically impact the fuel efficiency of your car. If you need help determining your specific vehicle’s correct tire pressure level, please go through your vehicle owner’s manual for more information.
  • Do not be aggressive while driving, harsh acceleration consumes more fuel. Defensive driving will help you use less fuel.
  • Keeping your engine idle for a short time is a huge fuel waste. Avoid idling.
  • Another effective way to minimize fuel consumption is by driving at a constant speed. You can use the cruise control feature to maintain a steady pace.

Follow these tips and see the difference for yourself!

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